Angelic Dreams is the result of years of inspiration joined together by George Helou and Bernard Rosa with great support from Natasha Kogan.

From 1997 George began writing lofty thoughts and phone messaging his friends and clients. Eventually, a great demand evolved for more of his inspiring and thought provoking sayings. George became further motivated to continue writing when a close friend admitted that his weekly lofty phone messages stopped him from taking his life. These poetic thoughts have been best described as helping us experience our unlimited potential and not become consumed by feeling helpless through limited thinking. The words give you a rare glimpse into a freeing and romantic world that we seem to forget in our rushed day to day lives.

From 1994, Bernard was creating an impressive library of breath taking images for what would later form Angelic and Mystical Dreams. As a very creative photographer, Bernard travelled the World in search of suitable photographic locations. His great works are in greeting cards and many other books.

After a few months of living with George and Bernard, it was hard for Natasha not to be inspired by the creativity around her. Some of her heart-felt words are included in Angelic Dreams.


About the Author

George Helou is a father, husband, author and an EP7 certified life coach in Perth, Western Australia. Since self-publishing the best selling Angelic Dreams and the equally successful sequel Mystic Dreams, George has continued to inspire and empower anyone he comes into contact with. Many of his poems have won awards and been featured in international poetry publications. His readers have praised his work for helping them deal with their hardships and adopt a ‘can do’ attitude to anything life throws at them.

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Angelic Dreams features a beautiful collection of angelic and magical photographs by the award winning Bernard Rosa. His enchanting photography has inspired many books, posters, postcards and greeting cards.